Monday, April 29, 2013

India Tour Guide

Hi Guys,

Today I explore my other android application 'India Tour Guide'.

This application is basically for travelers. In this application I list out the best 8 places of India.
For ex. - Goa, Agar, Jaipur etc.

Download Link - India  Tour Guide

This application gives the complete details of places and there near hotel, shopping places, markets etc. Its have the details of places such whether of particular place, traveling   guide by bus, by train by airport etc.

I want to say that this app is behave like a human being who is telling you all about the best way to visit a place.

There are some screen shots of this app and respective description for screens.

1. This page comes after splash screen of the app. In this page we have list of top 8 places of India. You can see some names such 'Agra' , 'Goa' etc.

2. This page comes when we select one destination for ex. - Agra. In this page you see state of this destination what is the best time to visit, whether of this place, why this place famous in India or World etc. Here you can also see the gallery of all the tourist places which are nearest to this destination. 

3. When we tab on 'Places'  in footer than we see the list of some tourist places which are near to agar.
Here we select one tourist place and come one the detail page of this tourist place.

4.  This is the complete detail of this tourist place such as distance, why this place famous in India, have link to see map of this place, what is the opening time and best time to visit to see this place.

5. If we select shopping place from footer of a particular destination then we have a list of best shopping place near to the selected destination.
6. We select one shopping place and can get detail of this place.

7. Similarly We have list of best hotels and we also filter these hotels on the basis of predefined category.

  7. As We select one hotel we have the detail of this hotel. Here we have the number of this hotel, website, email address. We also provide the location of this hotel and few lines summary which tells about the hotel.

8.  As We select the Eating Out places from footer then a list of Restaurants populated.

9.  Here we give the short description of selected eating place. What are the best dishes they are providing, location and for what type of food they famous.

Please give your feedback about my application, if you have an advice to make my application best. I really thankful to you.