Monday, May 6, 2013

Call and SMS Blocker

Hi Guys,

This is my another application for android users. There are number of times when we are busy and someone is calling again and again. This problem I also faced number of times and then I decide to develop an application which can block calls and messages.

Download Link -  Call and SMS Blocker

This app developed to solve above problem. In this application we have create list of black list numbers which have to be blocked or create a list of white list of contact and other contacts are automatically blocked.

I am giving complete detail of this application by the help of screen shots.

1. This is splash screen of this app.

 2. This is main page of this application. Here we have some buttons which have their respective functionality. We can also off/on functionality of this app by the help of single button.

3. In this page we have the list of messages which are blocked by application and there numbers are listed in black list.  We also have content  of these blocked messages.

 4.In this page we can see the list of black listed numbers.Here we have different options to add numbers from phone book, call log etc. We can also add number series to block all call and messages which are coming same number series. We can add number manually.

 5. This the way to add number from phone book. Here we can select multiple numbers from list.

6.This the help page which have short description that how we can use this application.

7. This is the setting page of this application. In this page we have some check-boxes and radio buttons. In this we have two option  one is black list and second one is white list. But in these two options only one can work at a time. We have option to block calls or messages. If user want to block calls only not messages then he can unchecked the blocked message options.

8.  We also have white list similarly to black list but here we list those number which should not be blocked.

9.  We have one more options in this application to block recent call.


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