Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Day Book

Hi Guys,

This is my another application used for tracking of my expenses and incomes. As a month start we have lot of money but in the end of month we have no record that where we have spend it.

Download Link - My Day Book

This is my one of the problem. To resolve this problem I make an application called "My Day Book".

Below I give some screen shots with their description.

1. Registration: Registration is required to authenticate the user. Our income and expenses are private things, we never want to show these things to others.

2. Login page to authenticate the user.

 3.This is home page of application. Here we have some tabs such as "Income" , "Expenses" and "Budget". In income tab we can add our income resources and their respective amount.

4. We can see our incomes in list view but first of all we have to select that in which view we want to our income. For ex -  Day View, Week View, Month View or Customize View.

5. As we select day view of incomes, we can see the current day income.

6. If we select Week View , we can see the income of current week.

7. If we select  Month View, we have to select month and year  then press show button and we get list of incomes.

8.  This is the list of incomes which  are shown in a month.

9. This is expense tab and work same as income tab.

10.  Here you can see your expense in list.

11. Here you can set you monthly budget. As your expense exceed your budget you get alert message that "you have exceed your monthly budget."


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